To members & friends of St. Andrew Lutheran:                                    

As part of the transition process – the method used by Lutheran congregations to call an Ordained minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America – a team (transition) is formed to compile information used to complete the Ministry Site Profile (MSP).

The MSP is basically our congregation’s application to the Grand Canyon Synod. The MSP provides information about who we are as a congregation and how we want to proceed in our missions and ministries in God’s communities. Once this process is completed and submitted to the synod, the call committee can begin its tasks.

An important part of the transition process is information we can glean from you. We ask that you complete this Survey to help evaluate our plans, goals, and dreams for St. Andrew. Please prayerfully respond.

Thank you,

Transition Team Members: Mike Cornelius, Cindy Guenthner, May Holmquist, Joe Shonerd, Wes Shonerd, Brenda Wendt